Wokingham Play Centre Play Pass

If you visit our Wokingham Play Centre regularly then a Play Pass will save you money on your next six brick building sessions.

Every week at our Wokingham Play Centre we deliver a new theme packed with building challenges, and our LEGO loving master builders get themselves a new Brickies badge at the end of their 90 minute session. It’s such a hit that they’re sure to want to come back again soon for a brand new mission.

With a Play Centre Play Pass your budding builder can enjoy six different fresh and engaging experiences while you save up to 25% off the cost of the standard session price.

How does it work?

Simply purchase a Play Centre Play Pass and within 24 hours we will email you a unique discount code which you can then use on our online booking system. Every time you book a session just enter the code at the checkout instead of your payment details. Please note: The code is for one child and is not transferrable. If you have more than one child you would need to purchase separate Play Passes for them.

What sessions can I save money on?

All Peak and Off Peak Play Sessions at our Wokingham Play Centre only. (Please note: A Play Centre Play Pass can not be used for Off-Site Holiday Workshops, Movie Making Events, Birthday Parties, £5 Mondays or DUPLO Play Sessions.)

How much will I save?

The Play Centre Play Pass costs £45 and can be used as payment for up to 6 different Play Sessions. A Peak Time Play Session is usually £10, six sessions would be £60, so with a Play Pass you would save 25% off the cost of admission.

Do I have to use the sessions every week?

No. After purchasing the Play Centre Play Pass you will have a full year to book your six sessions.

How do I get a Play Pass?

Just use the link opposite to purchase a Play Pass. Complete the form at the checkout, entering the child’s details, and we will email you a unique code to use on our online booking system. Please Note: All sessions are subject to availability.

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