Brickies LEGO® Birthday Parties Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our own party food to your Wokingham Play Centre?
Unfortunately not as we do not have a dedicated area for party food at our Wokingham Play Centre, but we do partner with our neighbours The Chocolate Cafe who offer various priced party food packages. You can contact The Chocolate Café on 0118 979 5125.

Is it OK to bring a birthday cake with us to your Wokingham Play Centre?
Of course! Although food can not be consumed in our Play Centre, you are welcome to bring a birthday cake with you. We tend to do ‘cake and candles’ when the children are sat down for their final building challenge. This will then give you approximately 20 / 30 minutes to cut the cake and pop a slice in party bags, if you wanted to.

Can I host a Brickies LEGO birthday party at a venue of my choice?
Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer parties outside of our Play Centre in Wokingham.

My child is younger than 5 but loves LEGO. Can I book one of your parties?
We appreciate that all children are different and that some children start building with LEGO from a young age. However we have tested our format on preschool children and we feel that our service isn’t right for an under 5 party. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly engaging party experience and we cannot guarantee that would be the case with children aged 3-4.
The minimum birthday age for our Building party is 5, with guests being 4-and-in-school.
The minimum age for our Movie Making party is 7 years old.

There are some younger siblings coming to the party, do you provide DUPLO for them?
At our Wokingham Play Centre we do offer exclusive use of our Duplo Play Pod which is jam packed with DUPLO bricks, characters, animals, vehicles and large tables to build upon. The Duplo Play Pod provides a fun sensory experience for up to 4 younger siblings (18 months to 4 years) who may be accompanying an older brother or sister to the LEGO building party. The price for this is just £12.50 and is subject to availability.

Do you provide party bags?
Every Brickies party include a Brickies Birthday Box for the birthday child, which contains a Brickies T-Shirt, Brickies Badge and Brickies Master Builder Lanyard, and all of the party guests will also receive a Brickies Badge, but we neither supply nor sell party bags.

Do you provide party invitations?
Yes! We have a selection of PDF copy birthday party invitations, each are fully editable for convenient digital distribution to your party guests. We also offer an editable soft copy Brickies Thank You Note.

Can we have a joint birthday party for two children?
Absolutely! For two, three or more. The only additional charge for joint parties would be optional additional Brickies Birthday Boxes which can be purchased for £15 each.

Is it possible to have two different party themes?
We have curated an extensive selection of exclusive birthday party themes, including ones for everything LEGO cover and many more besides. Due to the structure of our Building parties it is not possible to combine two different themes, however we have themes that are specially designed for joint parties, mixed groups of boys and girls, and builders of all ages, to ensure everybody remains engaged and entertained throughout. At the time of booking we will provide you with details of our theme options, and offer recommendations if requested.
Please note: Theme options are exclusive to our Building parties. Our Movie Maker parties are an entirely different structure.

Is there plenty of parking at Holme Grange Craft Village?
Yes there is. Holme Grange Craft Village have two large car parks, both are free and give immediate access to the village.

Can adults stay inside the play centre during the party?
Adults are more than welcome to stay during the party, we have limited space and seating inside the centre. Majority of parents use the cafe facilities and seating in the courtyard that is located within feet of our entrance. Adults are welcome to pop in and out at any time to check the progress of their child.

Could you provide me with some testimonials from previous customers?
Of course! Please do take a look at our Facebook reviews page.

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