Home Education LEGO Workshops

At Brickies we are passionate about bringing learning to life through play. We believe that hands-on creativity and guided exploration of a topic makes learning a fun, memorable experience.

Our Home Education Sessions are 90 minutes long and take place on selected Thursdays at our Play Centre in Wokingham. Each session will cover a different topic for our learners to dive into.

Our sessions start with a visual introduction to the topic along with an opportunity for discussion and sharing of knowledge, before we move onto the hands-on LEGO building challenges.

We pride ourselves on delivering learning content that is engaging and challenging. Our Session Leader will be on hand to encourage and support the group throughout the 90 minutes to ensure they get the most out of the experience. All our staff are experienced learning facilitators that can adapt their delivery approach to ensure every child has the confidence to participate.


Hands-on, imaginative and creative experience.


Two building challenges to complete in 90 minutes.


KS1 and KS2 learning objectives linked to the content.


100,000+ LEGO bricks to build with.

We do offer Home Education Sessions for Pre-School aged children too. An adult will need to stay with any child aged under 5 years old. We have a wide range of DUPLO bricks for this age range. These sessions are more play focussed than challenge based.

Home Education Session Dates


Date: Thursday 2nd February 2023
Time: 10am – 11:30am

During the session we will be discussing the topic of Myths and Legends, what they are and some famous examples. Click on book now to read more.


Date: Thursday 9th February 2023
Time: 10am – 11:30am

During the session we will be discussing the topic of Exploring Africa, where it is, the cultures and architecture. Click on book now to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group are the home education sessions appropriate for? 

Our LEGO building Home Education sessions are aimed at children aged 5-11 years old. We build in learning objectives from both the KS1 and KS2 national curriculum to make learning relevant to the child’s age that attends.

We do offer a Duplo play session for children aged under 5 years old. This is a play based session that does not include a visual presentation at the beginning.

How long do the home education sessions last?

The Home Education sessions are typically 90 minutes long unless stated otherwise on the booking page.

Do I have to stay with my child during the session?

For children aged 5 and over we are happy for parents/carers to drop off as long as we have checked your contact details before you leave. Children aged under 5 must have an adult stay with them. All adults are welcome to stay in the centre for the session.

How much do the Home Education sessions cost?

We charge £10 per child for our 90 Minute Home Education sessions and for children aged under 5 we charge £6 per child for access to our DUPLO areas.