KS1 Animal Habitats LEGO School Workshop

Explore the fascinating world of animal habitats with our engaging KS1 Animal Habitats LEGO workshop. This hands-on school workshop allows children to discover and learn about the various animal groups, different types of habitats and the animals that live in them through creative LEGO building activities.

Animal Habitats Learning Objective

In our KS1 Animal Habitats workshop, students will understand the concept of habitats and their importance to animals. They will identify various types of habitats such as forests, deserts, and oceans, and the animals that live in each.

Students will learn about different animal groups and how these groups are associated with specific habitats. Additionally, they will explore how animals adapt to their habitats for survival, enhancing their knowledge through interactive and creative LEGO building activities.

Animal Habitats Learning Outcome

By the end of this KS1 workshop, students will be able to define and describe various animal habitats and their importance. They will identify specific animals, classify them into different animal groups, and explain how these animals are adapted to their environments.

Additionally, students will demonstrate their understanding of animal groups and habitats by building a LEGO model of an animal and its corresponding habitat.

Brickies KS1 Animal Habitats School Workshop - Example

What To Expect From This Workshop

Introduction to Habitats and Animal Groups: A brief discussion on what habitats are, the different animal groups, and why they are crucial for animals.

Exploring Different Habitats and Animal Groups: Interactive visual presentation exploring various habitats, the animals that live in them, and the different animal groups.

LEGO Building Challenge Part 1: Children choose an animal to build with LEGO bricks and identify its animal group.

LEGO Building Challenge Part 2: Children build a LEGO habitat for their chosen animal, incorporating features that support the animal’s survival.

Presentation and Discussion: Each group presents their LEGO animal and habitat, explaining the choices they made and how their animal is adapted to its environment. We encourage Teachers to take photos of the students finished models before we complete a reset of the LEGO at the end of the session.

Why KS1 Children Will Enjoy Our Animal Habitats Workshop

  • Children actively explore different habitats and learn about various animal groups.

  • They engage in creative play by building LEGO models of animals and their habitats.

  • The workshop makes learning scientific concepts fun and interactive.

  • Hands-on activities keep children excited and motivated.

  • The experience reinforces their understanding of the natural world in a memorable way.

KS1 Animal Habitats Workshop Duration

Our Animal Habitats LEGO Building Workshop is a 75-minute session packed with immersive, hands-on learning. We start with an engaging visual presentation that introduces various animal habitats and groups, exploring key facts and adaptations. This sets the stage for an exciting LEGO building challenge where children first construct an animal and then create a corresponding habitat, focusing on essential survival features.

We conclude the workshop by reviewing the children’s creations, summarising the key lessons learned, and encouraging teachers to capture photos of the LEGO masterpieces. This workshop not only educates but also inspires creativity and critical thinking through playful construction.

KS1 LEGO Design and Build Workshop

At Brickies Education, our Animal Habitats workshop is part of our comprehensive KS1 Science Workshops series. We offer a variety of engaging and educational workshops designed to inspire young minds. In addition to Animal Habitats, we cover topics such as Animal Kingdom, The Seasons, Plants and Pollinators, Sustainability, Climate Change, Light and Shadow, Life in Space, Solar System, Scientists and Inventors, and Ocean Life. These workshops provide hands-on learning experiences that make science fun and accessible for all KS1 students.


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