Our Play Centre in Wokingham will be open Tuesday through to Sunday each week. The first session starts at 9:30am and the last starts at 4pm. Each Play Session is up to 90 minutes. We highly recommend booking your visit online, in advance to avoid any disappointment on the day.

To help maintain our capacity number we are asking that any adult that wishes to stay and build with a child, over 6 years old, purchases our ‘LEGO Play Session [Adult Participation]’ ticket. The purchase of this ticket is not required if you are staying but not participating. We have seating available for supervision purposes.

For children aged 3 – 5 years old we have created a new play zone for ‘LEGO/ DUPLO Junior Builders’. Builders in this zone can enjoy access to both DUPLO and specifically chosen LEGO bricks to build and play with. One adult is required to stay for the duration of the session for any child booked into this zone. There is no additional participation fee for the one nominated adult. If you would like an additional adult to attend then an ‘Adult Participation’ ticket will need to be purchased.

For children under 3 years old we recommend our Private DUPLO Play Pod hire as that only has DUPLO bricks with no access to small LEGO elements. The DUPLO Play Pod is also suitable for children aged up to 5 years old and is perfect if you prefer a private building experience.

If you prefer an exclusive and private building experience then our Private Play Pods for both LEGO and DUPLO are still available each. Play Pods will need to be booked in advance to guarantee availability.

* Brickies is located in the heart of the Holme Grange Craft Village which is home to a number of independent stores and services including The Chocolate Café. There is plenty of outdoor and indoor seating located right outside the front of our centre. This makes it perfect for parents to relax whilst knowing they can still be close and on hand if needed.

Play Centre Ticket Prices:

LEGO Play Session – 90 Minutes [6 years old +] = £12.50 per builder

LEGO Play Session – 90 Minutes [Adult Participation] = £7.50 per adult

DUPLO / LEGO Junior Play Session – 90 Minutes [3 – 5 years old] = £8.50 per builder [Price includes one adult]

Private LEGO Play Pod Hire – 90 Minute Session for up to 6 builders = £50 per pod hire*

Private DUPLO Play Pod Hire – 90 Minute Session for up to 4 builders = £12.50 per pod hire*

* Please note that for Private LEGO Pod Hire the number of builders must include any adults that wish to stay and participate. Our Duplo Play Pod accommodates a maximum of 4 persons. All children within the *Duplo Play Pod requires adult supervision and any adult[s] must be counted as a builder to ensure numbers are not exceeded.

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Sale and promotional offers are only available for bookings made during the time of the offer and cannot be used against bookings made prior to the time the offer was launched.


Can I stay with my child[ren] during the play session?

We are currently promoting a drop off session for all children aged 6 and over to help us maintain the number of people inside the Play Centre at any one time. However we completely appreciate that you or your child would prefer an adult to stay with them. It is absolutely fine to stay if that is your preference, we have communal seating spread around the centre for adults which to stay and observe. Adults are also very welcome to stay and play with their child[ren] however if you plan to participate we request that you purchase an ‘Adult Participation’ ticket. This allows us to control the number of people building inside our play zones at any one time.

For adults that are happy to drop off, the Chocolate Cafe is a popular place for adults to relax which is located directly opposite our centre with indoor and outdoor seating available. Please note that our staff are on hand to supervise children throughout the session, all are trained in safeguarding and have fully checked DBS certificates.

I have two or more children of various ages what are the best booking options for me?

Our new play zones have been designed with age in mind to ensure that the children get the most out of their play experience. We recommend booking your child on to the age appropriate activity. Please note that the Play Centre is not a large area and that the different play zones are next to each other. This makes it easy for any adult that is staying to move between the play zones. Staff are also on hand to ensure that children are supervised and supported at all times.

What happens if I book a session and have to cancel / postpone due to covid-19 isolation?

We are a small business that values our customers, we appreciate that we are currently living in times that make planned arrangements very difficult particularly with the spread of covid-19. If you have been told to isolate and are no longer able to attend your session then please email and we will be as flexible as possible in finding a suitable solution for your booking.