KS1 Sustainability School Workshop

Welcome to our KS1 Sustainability Workshop, where young learners explore the crucial topic of climate change through interactive and engaging activities. Using LEGO bricks, students will understand what climate change is, its impact on our planet, and how innovative building solutions can help mitigate these effects.

This 75 minute LEGO building workshop is designed to inspire creativity and environmental responsibility among students.

Topic: Climate Change – Understanding its Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Main Activity: Building a LEGO Eco House

Duration: 75 Minutes

This workshop is part of our KS1 School Workshops series, focusing on important environmental topics. In addition to our Sustainability Workshop, we offer a variety of other engaging workshops, such as Ocean Clean Up and Rainforest Rescue, designed to educate and inspire young learners about the natural world and the importance of protecting it.

Brickies Eco Builder - KS1 Sustainability Workshop

Building a Greener Future with LEGO

Workshop Learning Objective

This KS1 school workshop on sustainability is designed to help young students understand what climate change is and it’s importance. Through interactive discussions and hands-on activities, students will learn about the causes and effects of climate change and explore ways to reduce its impact through sustainable living and building practices. Additionally, the workshop aims to develop students’ creativity and problem-solving skills as they design and build their own Eco House using LEGO bricks.

Workshop Learning Outcome

By the end of this KS1 workshop on sustainability and climate change, students will have a clear understanding of what climate change is and its significance. They will be able to identify the causes and effects of climate change and discuss practical ways to mitigate its impact through sustainable practices. Moreover, students will have enhanced their creativity and problem-solving skills by designing and constructing an Eco House with LEGO bricks, incorporating features that promote environmental sustainability.

What To Expect From This Workshop

  • Introduction to Climate Change: Learn what climate change is and discuss its causes and effects.

  • Building an Eco House Activity: Discover sustainable building features and design an Eco House with LEGO bricks.

  • Interactive Session: Share and discuss the sustainable features included in the LEGO Eco House.

  • Conclusion and Reflection: Recap climate change concepts and explore everyday actions to reduce its impact.

KS1 Sustainability Workshop Duration

Our KS1 Sustainability LEGO Building Workshop offers 75 minutes of immersive, hands-on learning. We begin with an engaging visual presentation that vividly illustrates the concept of climate change and its impact on the planet. During this session, we explore existing knowledge and discuss key facts about climate change, its causes, and its effects.

Following the presentation, we introduce an exciting LEGO building challenge. The children are tasked with constructing their own Eco Houses, focusing specifically on incorporating essential features such as wind turbines, solar panels, rooftop gardens, heat pumps, and wildlife habitats. We guide them on the key sustainable elements their LEGO designs should include and explain their significance in combating climate change.

To conclude the workshop, we review the children’s creations, summarise the key lessons learned, and encourage teachers to capture photos of the LEGO masterpieces. This workshop not only educates but also inspires creativity and critical thinking through playful construction, making environmental sustainability come alive for young learners.

LEGO Eco House Feature Example for Sustainability Workshop

LEGO Eco-House Feature Build

Why KS1 Children Will Enjoy Our Sustainability Workshop

  • Hands-On Activities: Children love using LEGO bricks to build and create, making learning fun and interactive.

  • Creative Expression: Designing their own Eco House allows them to express creativity and imagination.

  • Engaging Discussions: Interactive discussions help them understand important topics like climate change in a simple and engaging way.

  • Teamwork: Working together on projects fosters a sense of collaboration and camaraderie.

  • Real-World Relevance: Learning about sustainability and how they can make a difference makes the experience meaningful and empowering.


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