KS1 The Great Fire of London LEGO School Workshop

Welcome to our exciting KS1 school workshop on The Great Fire of London! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey back to the year 1666, where you’ll discover the fascinating story of one of London’s most dramatic events. This hands-on LEGO workshop will ignite your curiosity and creativity as you explore the causes, impact, and aftermath of the Great Fire of London.

Workshop Learning Objective

KS1 students will understand the key factors that led to The Great Fire of London, including its origin, rapid spread, and the resulting destruction. They will specifically analyse the architectural features of Tudor buildings and compare them to modern-day structures to understand why Tudor buildings were particularly vulnerable to fire.

Workshop Learning Outcome

By the end of this workshop, students will have a deeper understanding of the Great Fire of London but also a tangible LEGO creation to showcase their learning. Students will be able to identify and describe key architectural features of their LEGO model. Additionally, they will articulate reasons why Tudor houses were significantly affected by the Great Fire of London and propose how modern building practices could mitigate such risks.

Microscale LEGO Tudor House

LEGO Tudor House 1666 - KS1 Great Fire of London Workshop

What To Expect From This Workshop

  • Historical Exploration: Dive into the past and learn about how the Great Fire started, how it spread so quickly, and the massive destruction it caused. We’ll uncover the story behind this monumental event and its significance in London’s history.

  • Architectural Adventures: Examine the unique architecture of Tudor buildings and understand why these structures were so vulnerable to fire. You’ll compare these historical designs to modern buildings and discover how architectural advancements help prevent such disasters today.

  • Hands-On Building: Use your imagination and creativity to build your very own Tudor-style house out of LEGO bricks. This activity not only reinforces your understanding of Tudor architecture but also lets you play a part in “rebuilding” London after the fire.

  • Interactive Discussions: Engage in discussions and share your insights on how the fire could have been prevented and what changes were made in London’s architecture and city planning as a result.

Why KS1 Children Will Enjoy The Great Fire of London Workshop

  • Engaging Stories: Hear the dramatic tales of how the fire started and spread, capturing the excitement and chaos of the event.

  • Creative Construction: Enjoy building and designing with LEGO, making learning about history and architecture fun and interactive.

  • Interactive Learning: Participate in activities that encourage critical thinking and discussion, helping you connect the past with the present.

KS1 Great Fire of London Workshop Duration

Our Great Fire of London LEGO Building Workshop is 75 minutes of immersive, hands-on learning. We kick off with an engaging visual presentation that vividly brings the Great Fire of London to life. During this session, we explore existing knowledge and discuss key facts about the event.

Following the presentation, we introduce an exciting LEGO building challenge. The children are tasked with rebuilding the city of London post-fire, focusing specifically on creating Tudor-style houses. We guide them on the essential architectural features their LEGO designs should include.

To conclude the workshop, we review the children’s creations, summarise the key lessons learned, and encourage teachers to capture photos of the LEGO masterpieces. This workshop not only educates but also inspires creativity and critical thinking through playful construction.

KS1 LEGO Design and Build Workshop


We determine the price of our KS1 Great Fire of London School Workshop according to the number of children attending and the duration. Our priority is delivering a fun, engaging, and memorable learning experience at an affordable rate. After assessing your requirements and tailoring the package, we’ll provide a transparent upfront price with no hidden fees.

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KS1 Student showing off LEGO Tudor House
KS1 Boy showing off LEGO Tudor House

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