Brickies LEGO KS2 School Workshops

Brickies LEGO Key Stage 2 School Workshops

At Brickies our service is simple. We deliver fun and engaging brick building KS2 school workshops, using LEGO elements.

We provide a fun environment that challenges children to push the boundaries of their creativity and adopt a free range way of thinking. No idea is a bad idea, there is no right or wrong way to do something. After all exploration is not only the essence of the human spirit but the engine that drives innovation.

Whether you are looking for a LEGO workshop for one class or a whole school we can tailor our timings and content to suit your needs.

Bringing KS2 lessons to life with LEGO

We have plenty of ‘off the shelf’ LEGO Building themes to choose from that link in to popular KS2 learning topics. We are more than happy to create a LEGO building theme that links into any subject or topic. See below for a list of what we can offer or send us an enquiry to find out more.

Science KS2 LEGO Workshops
  • Animal Kingdom

  • Animal Habitats

  • Evolution

  • Life of Plants

  • Sustainability

  • Climate Change

  • British Science Week

  • Life in Space

  • Rainforest and Birds

  • Inventors and Scientists

  • Ocean Life

Maths KS1 LEGO Workshops
  • Shapes

  • Symmetry

  • Positioning and Direction

  • Four Operations

  • Fractions

Art and Design KS1 LEGO Workshops
  • Mosaic Making

  • Patterns

  • Portraits

  • Marble Run

  • Bridge Construction

History KS1 LEGO Workshops
  • Ancient Egypt

  • Mayans

  • Roman Empire

  • Vikings

  • Victorian Icons

  • WW2: Battle of Britain

Geography KS1 LEGO Workshops
  • Rainforests

  • Around The World

  • Volcanoes

  • Countries and Continents

  • Villages, Towns and Cities

  • Oceans

PHSE KS2 LEGO Building Workshops
  • Express Yourself

  • Year 6 Transition

Stress free set-up

When it comes to setting up our workshops at your school we minimise the stress by bringing almost everything with us, all we ask for is that there are tables and electricity in the room. We can deliver within classrooms or an available hall space, our quick set up means minimal disruption to the school day.

Timings of our workshops are typically 60 – 75 minutes long for KS2 children, start and finish times can be set to match the school time table.

We have all the necessary paperwork in place to allow us to deliver in schools including dbs checks, public liability insurance etc. All our staff are experienced engaging facilitators and are passionate about delivering a highly memorable experience for everyone involved.

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Pricing for KS2 School Workshops

Pricing is based on the number of children we deliver a workshop to and the duration. We pride ourselves on offering a fun, engaging and memorable experience at a cost effective rate. Once we have established the right package for you we will quote an up-front price with no hidden charges.

If you are interested in bringing a subject to life with our Brickies KS2 school workshops then we advise you to enquire sooner rather than later as availability is limited. Please use the enquiry form below or email [email protected] for more information.

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LEGO School Workshops - STEM / STEAM

    KS2 School Workshops FAQs

    We deliver LEGO building school workshops that are suitable for all ages from Early Years to School Leavers. We primarily work with primary school aged children, those in EYFS, KS1, KS2 and SEND.

    We deliver LEGO School Workshops that are typically 60 – 75 minutes long. The duration is subject to change depending on the type of workshop we are delivering. If delivering to 4 or less classes in one day we recommend 75 minutes where possible. We are often asked to work with a whole school in one day, to achieve this we reduce down the sessions times to 30 – 45 minutes to ensure we can work with all children. Additionally, we can schedule our timings to coincide with school break times and lunch breaks.

    We pride ourselves on offering competitively priced school workshops as we understand the budget restraints schools are working with. The cost is dependant on the type of workshop you choose and how many classes you would like to participate. We also have to factor in travel time from our base in Wokingham. For pricing please complete the contact form above or email us on [email protected]

    We finalise a booking with the school, then we will send you an invoice that can be paid via BACs. We request that the invoice is paid within 7 days of the event delivery date.

    We are based in Wokingham, Berkshire and although our immediate focus is working within Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire we do travel to London, surrounding areas and across the South. Occasionally we work outside these areas so please do still enquire as we are flexible on travel.

    We work with as little as one class having a LEGO school workshop to a four form entry school delivering to all classes and anywhere in-between. If you let us know how many classes you would like to participate in an activity we will propose a timetable based on that number. We can also tailor the content of each workshop to reflect a learning topic that the class is learning about.

    We are very flexible as to where we deliver the LEGO school workshop. Typically we work in the classroom as all we need is access to tables to put the LEGO on and access to a screen is desirable. The room would need to be big enough for the number of children participating. We like to set a maximum of approx 30 on each workshop although we can work with larger groups if you have a space and tables that can accommodate.

    We only take 5 – 10 minutes to set up a LEGO school workshop and the same again to tidy it away.

    We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive experience during our LEGO building workshops. The beauty of LEGO building is that you can build independently and to your own skills and pace. We work with a number of SEND children and even if they struggle to complete the building challenge they often enjoy the sensory experience of the colours, shapes and bricks. We are experienced in working with a wide range of children and will accommodate to ensure everyone is included.

    We offer a wide number of topics for our LEGO Building Workshops, these can be viewed on the Early Years, KS1 and KS2 pages of our website. We also create bespoke themes if a class or school want to link it to something specific. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to link it in.

    We ensure that all our Facilitators are enhanced DBS checked and will present their certificate and photo ID on arrival to the school. We can email proof of these in advance if required along with up to date safeguarding training certificates.

    Yes, we have a risk assessment we can send you in advance of our school workshop visit. We also have the required Public Liability Insurance and Employee Liability Insurance in place, evidence of these can be provided.

    Thank YOU for a fantastic morning! Very well organised and you went above and beyond to tailor it to our learning – we will be recommending you again. The children enjoyed the morning so much and couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day so thank you!
    Chennestone Primary School