KS1 Castles and Knights School Workshop

Welcome to our captivating KS1 school workshop on Castles and Knights, brought to you by Brickies Education! Prepare to step back in time to the medieval era, where mighty castles dominated the landscape and brave knights embarked on heroic quests. In this interactive LEGO workshop, you’ll delve into the fascinating world of medieval fortresses and discover the secrets behind their formidable defenses.

Join us as we build and explore the architecture of castles and the legendary tales of knights who protected them. Get ready for an adventure filled with creativity, history, and LEGO bricks!

KS1 Castles and Knights LEGO Workshop

Workshop Learning Objective

KS1 students will explore the history and architecture of medieval castles by building a LEGO castle that includes key structural features such as towers, battlements, and drawbridges. Through this hands-on activity, they will understand the purpose of these features and how they contributed to the defense and functionality of a castle. Additionally, students will engage in discussions about the roles of knights and castle inhabitants, enhancing their historical understanding and creative thinking

Workshop Learning Outcome

By the end of the KS1 Castles and Knights LEGO building workshop, students will have constructed their own LEGO castle, incorporating key architectural features such as towers, battlements, and drawbridges. They will be able to identify and explain the purpose of these features and how they contributed to the defense and functionality of medieval castles. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of the roles and lives of knights and castle inhabitants through interactive storytelling. This hands-on experience will enhance their historical knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

What To Expect From This Workshop

  • Historical Exploration: Teachers can expect a dynamic and immersive experience that takes students back to the medieval era. The workshop will begin with an introduction to the historical significance of castles and knights, highlighting key aspects of medieval life and architecture.

  • Hands-On Learning: KS1 students will engage in a hands-on LEGO building activity where they will construct their own castles. This practical approach helps reinforce learning through play and creativity. Teachers will observe students using critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they design and build their LEGO structures.

  • Interactive Storytelling: The workshop will incorporate interactive storytelling, bringing the history of castles and knights to life. KS1 students will learn about the roles of different castle inhabitants, including knights, lords, and servants, and understand the daily life within a medieval castle.

  • Collaboration and Engagement: The workshop promotes teamwork and collaboration as KS1 students work together to build their castles. Teachers will see their students actively engaged and excited about learning, making the historical content memorable and enjoyable.

Why KS1 Children Will Enjoy Our Castles and Knights Workshop

  • Engaging Stories: Take an adventurous journey back to medieval times, a period full of fascinating stories about knights, battles, and majestic castles.

  • Creative Construction: Building their own castles makes the historical content come alive in a fun and tangible way.

  • Sense of Accomplishment: Completing their LEGO castles gives children a sense of achievement and pride in their work. They can see the results of their efforts and creativity, which is rewarding and boosts their confidence.

KS1 Castles and Knights Workshop Duration

Our KS1 Castles and Knights LEGO Building Workshop offers 75 minutes of immersive, hands-on learning. We begin with an engaging visual presentation that vividly brings the medieval era to life. During this session, we explore existing knowledge and discuss key facts about castles and the roles of knights in society.

Following the presentation, we introduce an exciting LEGO building challenge. The children are tasked with constructing their own castles, focusing specifically on incorporating essential features such as towers, battlements, and drawbridges. We guide them on the key architectural elements their LEGO designs should include and explain their significance in castle defense.

To conclude the workshop, we review the children’s creations, summarise the key lessons learned, and encourage teachers to capture photos of the LEGO masterpieces. This workshop not only educates but also inspires creativity and critical thinking through playful construction, making history come alive for young learners.

KS1 Castle School Workshop Example

KS1 LEGO Castle Example


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