Brickies Play Centre Frequently Asked Questions

What are Brickies doing to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

You can read the full details of what we are doing to ensure we are a COVID-19 secure business HERE.

Is there plenty of parking at Holme Grange Craft Village?

Yes there is. Holme Grange Craft Village has two large car parks, both are free and give immediate access to the village/Play Centre.

Can I leave my child at your Wokingham Play Centre for the duration of the session?

Yes, if your child is aged 6 years old or older. When you make an online booking for a LEGO Play Centre you will be asked for emergency contact information, so you can, if you wish, leave your child for the duration of the play session. This does not apply for our DUPLO sessions or any child under the age of 6 who must have a parent or guardian with them at all times.

Do we really need to book online or can we just turn up at the Play Centre?

There are many occasions when we are either fully booked or privately hired, and so we strongly advise booking all play sessions in advance online as we can not guarantee any availability on any given day without an online booking.

Can we request a theme for our Play Session?

Every week at our Wokingham Play Centre we deliver a new building theme, with a themed badge presented at the end of the session, and so it is not possible to request a specific theme for a standard LEGO play session.

Can we bring in coffee/tea from the cafe?

Although we do not allow food consumption inside our Play Centre, you are very welcome to get a drink from the cafe opposite and bring it into Brickies.

Could you provide me with some testimonials from previous customers?

Of course! Please do take a look at our Facebook reviews page.