Business Update: 8th June 2020

By | June 9th, 2020|Brickies at home, News|

For the last ten weeks we have been producing and releasing a new LEGO building challenge every Saturday morning. Our aim was to provide children with inspiration and an opportunity to escape into a world of play, particularly during these challenging times. We have been so grateful for the feedback we have received over this time, it has been the fuel we needed to keep going. Sadly, we have made the decision to temporarily stop producing and releasing new videos. The reason for stopping is that as lockdown restrictions start to ease across the country, we are now planning for our re-opening. Like many businesses it isn’t simply a case of re-opening our doors. Once the government gives the green light to leisure / hospitality industry businesses to open we need to ensure that we are providing a safe play environment for you and our staff. Therefore, our short-term focus is on refurbishing and re-designing our Play Centre to ensure we can offer socially distanced play sessions. If all goes to plan, we are hoping to be inviting you back in early July. We are embracing the changes that are imposed on us as an opportunity to re-think how we deliver our play sessions. We are confident that the changes we are implementing will not only tick the required safety requirements [...]

Brickies at Home

By | May 21st, 2020|Brickies at home, News|

Welcome to our brand new section of our website – Brickies at Home. This is the place to find fun activities to complete at home with your own LEGO, the latest news in the world of LEGO and updates about what is happening at Brickies. If you follow us on Facebook – you will know that since the UK went into lockdown we have been providing weekly building challenges for our LEGO loving fans. If you have not seen any of these videos you can check out the full list on our youtube channel - All these video missions will be available until Monday 1st June 2020 thereafter we will leave the last two weekly videos available for viewing. We are not charging for access to these videos as we are passionate about providing children with opportunities to play and to immerse themselves into a world of imagination, even if it is just for a few minutes. We will continue to develop and release one free LEGO building challenge a week whilst we are closed as a business. In the background we are working on a new online Brickies Member Zone that will have a wealth of LEGO resources and challenges for you to complete at home. We will keep you updated on the development of this. Every [...]